Best Roof Racks for Pickup Truck Caps

Well, if you would like to add more space and comfort to your truck, then your best choice is a roof rack. It enables you to transport bikes, canoes, cargo boxes, and even more.

Road tripping is a favorite among the many United States, and a roof rack will let you to discover more from your pickup.

Sometimes, it can be hard to find roof racks for pickup truck caps specifically. We’ve created a resource for you to find a roof rack for your truck cap, so continue reading!

canoe on truck rack

Besides, most road trippers usually face the challenge of finding storage space for their luggage. Road racks are available in various sizes, and designs to suit different vehicles. It enables you to hold more cargo without inconveniencing your passengers.

What are pickup truck caps?

Truck caps are also known as camper shells or box caps. They are designed with sleek contours to give you maximum styling versatility.

A truck cap is small housing canopy used as a utility accessory. It’s commonly made from fiberglass and aluminum. At times, canvas and wood are also used. The pickup truck cap is mounted to the top of a pickup or truck rear bed and is commonly used by campers as an RV.

Fibreglass truck caps

Fibreglass truck caps are a favorite due to their painted exterior finishing and custom contours. These caps are designed for a specific year, model and make of vehicles and are the ideal solution to today’s tripping needs.

Their paint finishing can also be made to match a truck’s color code, making it a favorite among most truck owners. There are also various available models for trucks that are either taller than the cab or at its level.

Leer truck caps

The leer truck caps are rugged, reliable and more affordable. They are ideal for protecting your cargo and pickup truck. You have a number of options with different features.

It’s ideal for most truck owners. Leer truck caps have timeless designs and are available in multiple styles. There are also exclusive options and consist of durable fibreglass base rails.

group of bikes on truck roof rack

What are roof racks?

Roof racks are commonly used to increase the load-bearing capacity of a vehicle. They let allow drivers to carry extra luggage, kayaks and canoes, bicycles, and other items that would not typically fit a car.

A roof rack can be as simple as a p-bar or as complex as a trade bar. Since they are mounted across the vehicle roof, they are a favorite for drivers who don’t want to extend their car length.

Apex roof racks

Apex legends brand is famous for its versatile, sturdy and heavy-duty roof racks. They are available in different sizes, models and configurations to suit different users. Using their roof racks, you can store your extra gear on the vehicle roof.

One common thing with Apex roof racks is their easy installation; you’ll only need 10-15 minutes to complete the process. They also feature a basic design, are cheaper, and though they don’t have many bells and whistles, they are more affordable. The roof racks are ideal for side rails of up to 50 inches wide and have a high weight capacity.

Yakima roof racks

Yakima is a leading manufactured roof rack; they make efficient and streamlined systems that will serve your vehicle for years. These racks are ideal for many activities, and whether you need a top, rear or truck bed, Yakima has them. Some of their top options are two crossbars, and 4 tower roof racks.

Yakima base racks are also highly rated and can accommodate more weight. You also have various options to suit your vehicle. It’s possible to DIY the installation as there are installation videos and instructions for the racks. Alternatively, you can hire an expert.

removing bike from roof rack

Radio roof racks

Radio roof racks are flexible racks that can be used in most vehicles, even small ones. This brand sells numerous roof racks ranging from the Tent to the truck bed and pro series rack. Their products are a hallmark of premium quality and have an excellent weight-bearing capacity. They are also available for different vehicle models by make and year.

Radio roof racks also have a wide service which helps to clamp down items. They also offer installation for their racks though you can DIY the process.

Thule roof racks

Thule is one of the most popular and respected brands in the industry. They have been there for over 70 years, and though their racks are not the cheapest, they are durable and will handle numerous tasks with ease. You also have numerous ranges of options, and since not all are universal, you’ll need to pick the perfect choice for your vehicle.

Some of the best Thule roof racks are the Thule Aeroblade Edge, Thule 868 Interstate Cargo Bag and Thule SnowPack Roof Mounted Ski Carrier. These three options are all you need to increase the weight-carrying capacity of your vehicle with high efficiency.

Why is it harder to find roof racks for truck caps?

It’s hard to get a roof rack for your truck cap because the manufacturing companies make shells that are not strong enough in most cases. The shells may not have the necessary reinforcement in the critical areas to accommodate the truck caps.

Bottom line

Truck roof racks and truck caps will enable you to expand your pickup or track’s weight capacity. You should incorporate them into your shopping list, especially if you are the type who likes tripping or camping.

They will also help you store the luggage that cannot fit in the trunk, and when you need to take some gear, you will always find them handy. It’s also possible to install them even on vehicles with no roof factory-installed roof rails.