Best Lockable Waterproof Truck Bed Storage Box For Under Tonneau Cover

A truck bed storage box is an excellent toolbox for storage in a truck. It works virtually and perfectly with all tonneau covers, whether hard, soft, rolling, or folding covering styles.

This storage box fits really well in the 2019-2021 Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra 1500 truck beds. The toolbox provides ultimate accessibility as it can swing about 180° for you to access it. More impressive, the box can swing back to the locking point on the truck.

UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box | SC104D | Fits 2019 - 2023 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 Drivers Side
  • Fits 2019 - 2022 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 Drivers Side
  • TRUCK BED COVER COMPATIBLE | The UnderCover SwingCase maintains a 3-inch clearance from the truck bed & works with virtually all tonneau covers: soft, hard, folding, and rolling
  • ULTIMATE ACCESSIBILITY | This toolbox swings out nearly 180° towards you for easy access from the tailgate & swings back into a locking position over the wheel well for maximum bed access
  • SECURE STORAGE SOLUTION | The SwingCase has a key-lockable lid & can hold up to 75 lbs. of cargo. It features an organizational tray, as well as a moisture seal to help keep contents dry & protected against the elements
  • QUICK INSTALLATION | This toolbox is simple to install, requiring no special tools. SwingCase is backed by a 1-year guarantee & by UnderCover’s US-based customer support team, making it the ultimate storage solution

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the UnderCover SwingCase Storage Box for use on a pickup truck bed. Below, you can use our menu to skip to all the best features.

Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box

Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box | SC104D | Fits 2019 - 2021 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 Drivers Side , Black


For its appearance, it has a fine finish of gloss black that enables flushing with the truck bed. As a driver, this tool will allow you to drive with a complete or partially covered experience.

When you need to access your bed cover while transporting large items, be sure you will get it from this fantastic UnderCover SwingCase.

Lockable For Extra Security

There is maximum security for your items when the SwingCase is fully opened. The storage box is kept secure at an upright position by doubled prop rods.

These parts lock the toolbox by keeping it away when it is open and not in use. For security purposes, the SwingCase is made with long-lasting panels and quality hardware of aluminum material that cannot break during transportation.

The box has a latching system that automatically locks the cover and turns the bedsides to rails. These latchings are made such that they have multiple handles. The handles are located underneath the covers, and you can use them when releasing the matching on the side of the bed. This is made to be easy and effortless when opening the body from any truck side.

Waterproof Storage

This storage box swing case has a lockable lid that holds a cargo of up to 75 lbs.

Its dimensions are 9 inches by 34 inches by 16 inches. More importantly, it keeps tools dry as its features provide a ray of the organized tray. The sealing around the device keeps tools dry, and therefore, even during rainy days, you will find your elements safe with a moisture seal, granting a safe drive, even in snowy areas.

Stays Under Tonneau Cover

stay underneath tonneau cover with enough clearance

With enough clearance for the tonneau cover, you can rest easy knowing your storage box won’t interfere with your tonneau cover. Many storage boxes force you to decide between having a tonneau cover or not. Not anymore! Even though this tool storage box is already protected from the elements, your tonneau cover will make it last that much longer.

Easy Installation

It is easy to install the truck bed storage box as its design has all that you require. Therefore you don’t need a skilled mechanic to install it, and maybe if you are fixed with other activities, you can hire qualified personnel.

As well, you can install it by yourself as no special tools are needed. When installing, you need to remove the factory bed extenders. Another feature of this truck bed storage tool is that the swing case doesn’t function with Advantage Kwik Draw Extang solid fold, Lund genesis, and Extang trifecta. The product also, when packed, comes with storage, installation, and maintenance guides.

Strong Warranty

The UnderCover SwingCase has a comprehensive outreach to the customers, and you can ship it from the United States. There is utmost customer care from the support team, when you buy the product, the team provides three-year guarantee support when using the product.

If the product fails to work effectively, then you have to use the three years warranty. Buy the product from the US at an affordable price, and make sure it fits your truck to enjoy all those benefits.

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