How Much Does The Average Truck Topper Weigh?

Over the last few years, truck toppers have become increasingly popular among truck owners. They offer you extra waterproof storage, which is waterproof. And though some truck owners only require a smaller secure space, others need a larger and heavier topper to create a larger trunk space.

And if you are curious about how much they weigh, then you are in the right place. The weight of truck toppers varies based on their materials and size. Bigger truck caps weigh between 174 and 191 pounds, while their smaller counterparts have a lower weight.

Truck Topper Materials and their weights

Fiberglass Truck Toppers

These truck caps are painted to match the color of your car, but they are costly than aluminum and are also relatively heavier. Since they are quite heavier, they can even weigh up to 200 lbs based on their features. Most are also designed for personal and non-commercial use.

Aluminum Truck Toppers

Unlike the fiberglass toppers, the aluminum-made truck is usually lightweight and comes with many features such as side double doors, shelving, and locking toolboxes. The full-size aluminum weighs 175 pounds to 190 pounds while the smaller sizes have a lower weight.

Composite/Plastic Truck Toppers

They are still new in the market, and though they have limited color selections, they offer a compromise between fiberglass and aluminum truck caps. The composite truck toppers weigh between 150 pounds to 190 pounds.

Various truck toppers (or truck caps)

High Rise or Walk-in Truck Cap

This is the most popular truck cap and is ideal for truck owners who want a room to stand or crouch in their truck bed. It’s also ideal for taller cargo, and it offers extra room and has a taller design. Besides, it has higher ease of access to the entire bed and features side windows. Some models also have a sliding bed cargo tray which makes access to the rear door hassle-free.

Truck Topper Rack Systems

If you are looking to mount some items on your roof, you will find this your perfect option. It has a roof rack on top of the truck cap and is ideal for campers, mountain bakers, kayaking. The rack also serves as handy storage for ladders, bicycles, and other tools. You can choose a topper option with attached roof rails or one with a rack system.

Commercial Truck Caps

For those who prioritize security over storage space, this is your perfect match. It protects your cargo and keeps them safe and secure but expect to spend some good money on it. Besides, it is durable since it’s made from a steel lock or heavy-duty aluminum. And for the drawers and toolboxes, you only purchase their locks even to improve the security.

Lined Camper Shell

If you are a camping enthusiast, then this is your best choice of a truck cap. It is available in different variations to suit your bed length as well as provide more comfort. But this means spending more money, especially when you add the extras to the truck cap.


The guide above is useful when looking for your truck topper. And after knowing the average weight of your truck cap based on its type, it will be easier to make a better purchasing decision.

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